i'm proud of all this bass
can u put in in ur face

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Harry and Niall at Jay’s wedding - 7/20

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@LawtonCourtnall: Harry Styles is ruthless out on the pitch. We were playing against 9 year olds

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Thanks to the awesome Aidey who supplied all the timestamps, here are the best bits of Nick and Annie gatecrashing every show today for the Ibiza competition :DDDD  Doesn’t feature the competition much, just the chat.



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farm day. farm face.

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In which there is talk of Liam Junior and we gain a deeper appreciation of the many sufferings of Matthew Fincham.

"You put the mouse mat down his trousers and sent it to me"



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Q: what happened with puppy?

i’ve only heard pieces of the story; it’s all but confirmed that Puppy died in early May

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