i'm proud of all this bass
can u put in in ur face

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finally got a chance to crop these up and upload them in HQ :)

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nicholasgrimshaw: just standing on some stairs with this guy @jackguinness #stairs

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Seventeen’s Hot Guys issue - November 2014

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As requested - just the Harry mentions from today.

aka the one where there is much talk of vomit, signs are erected in Harry’s honour, and karma truly bites Nick Grimshaw in the ass.


TW for emetophobes.

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Q: wait harry was on?



  • The glass shelves in Nick’s fridge broke, so everything, including all the food in his fridge (prob diet coke, a bottle of purified blood from popstars for the quiff and an old carton of milk, lbr) fell on the floor.
  • Pig thought it was a buffet of goodies, tried to eat it all.
  • Since Nick is An Adult, he thought he better clean it up.
  • Since Nick is, in fact, Not An Adult, he didn’t have a broom and pan.
  • Cue driving (IN THE RAIN, mind you) to the super market.
  • Ran out of petrol.
  • Left the car by the side of the road and walked to get petrol, old school style(s).
  • Got the petrol, got to the store (prob drenched from the rain), got back in the car and decided to phone up Old Faithful aka Henry Stars.
  • Made vomiting sounds down the phone when H picked up (‘heeeey’) (<—— don’t know if that happened) (it probably happened)
  • Whilst making fun of a puking popstar, he got so distracted by his pal (who wouldn’t) that he reversed the car into a pillar. Broke the car. (His insurance company must LOVE him)
  • Informed Harold that he just wrecked his car. Didn’t hang up tho.
  • Reached for his drink, mistook the month old juice for his new, freshly bought drink, drank the fizzy yoghurt-thingie the juice had turned into, vomited in his lap.
  • Informed Harold that he just vomited. Hung up the phone. 
  • Drove home and got to bed at nine.

So, no, Harold wasn’t on. I imagine Nicholas woke up to ten thousand ‘are you okay?’ ‘when i’m sick, my mum always says to…’ and ‘did i tell you about this new yoga thing?’ texts from H tho. Probably fifty messages from Anne and Gemma as well, cause in-laws. 

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grimmers: I just exfoliated my face for the last part of Heston, mesmerised by the idea of bacon smoke I’ve now removed the top 18 layers of my face

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@smuston: Strong

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Nick Grimshaw, Collette Cooper and Sadie Frost attend the Mondrian London hotel launch party on October 9, 2014 in London.

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BBCCiN: Here’s and one of the gorgeous dogs from recording something special for BBCCiN

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